Anti – Astrology Missionary Guide For Beginners


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1.Level: First start from the simplest and most basic way like everyone. Assert that signs shift. Chit chat 13th sign. Even add more 2 signs. One will come out and refute you. By telling that astronomers do these astronomical errors, acquit yourself. And proceed the second step. Don’t forget, there is no disgrace in being missionary of anti-astrology! You are still acquiring experience and you need to start by making mistakes. Our fellowship is going through suffering.

2.Level:Tell that human can not be seperated 12 types. Possibly you will get the answer that astrology doesn’t consist of twelve signs and it is the part of the business magazine. Be undaunted. Touch effect of Barnum/Forer based on comments of 12 signs .You also look scientific. Still you get the same answer and you will. Because it is the same thing with the first one. Take the third step. You are slowly acquiring experience.

 3.Level: Say that no scientist defense of astrology since Kepler. High probability, they will say the name of many scientist defending astrology. Let it happen. Don’t be afraid to be refuted. Remember many argument has been refuted still today! You are currently at the beginning and these are warm-up rounds. We haven’t got the real point yet.

 4.Level: Say that none of the astrologers are scientist. Have you been refuted? Possibly, but it’s ok. The aim is that taking Ad Honimen back and disrupt the enemy’s nerves at this stage. At 4th step, you are apprenticeship and suffering phase .

 5.Level: Do copy-paste anti-astrology declaration like many other missionaries brothers. (Draw the angels to the edges of the copies that seems divine.) Probably, you wil respond quotation from the scientist who don’t sign this declaration and you will say that the person who prepare this declaration is charlatan.And also they will say that the person sign this are not aware of this. It doesn’t matter. Slander to the scientist who don’t sign and criticize. For example accuse them of not being scientific. Ultimately will they know better than you? Who you are who Carl Sagan, Asimov, Penrose are? Well if they say “ who are you?”, than just deviate the target like they attack you. Remember already we are unable to answer the question, just yelling and asking.

İLGİLİ YAZI:  Chief Astrologer (Ottoman: Müneccim) & Taqi- Al-Din and Anti-Astrology

6.Level: You are at the point where you can not refute by scientific way. But it is not over yet. Don’t worry, you go well. At this level attack with religion. Shout that the astrologers are hell, there is might not be the place of astrology in islam, etc. And also shout that astrology is the curse of heretic pharaoh.Probably you will receive in response astrological treatiseabout that many of Islamic scholars and ulamas who are astrologer. If this happens, wrap in aboriginal religion. There is never no place aboriginal religion in astrology!

7.Level: Say that astrology is not a science. Prate that the same results can not be obtained by the same observations. Probably you will be accusedto know the wrong definition of science. All right. Hug the expression as “As a result it is not a Newtonian mechanics.” And make demagogy. Say that astrology violates the third law of thermodynamics. If they say that’s not the case, Copy and paste of englishname of the scientific theories. Ignorant of the surrounding will be fooled. Slowly you are learning. These are very emotional moments. As I already said we are not in bomb attack yet.

8.Level: Propose the person who defend astrology various scientific names and the books so that he could make the following message “ That’s I am, you are nothing.” There is no matter whether he possibly read them or not. You don’t even need to read. Do copy-paste. Ignorant of the surrounding will be fooled. The purpose is to exhibit flashy colorful feather as bird makes courtship dance around and take advantage as visual. Ok? If the individual would been on your side , you could use the height advantage like throwing your hand on his shoulder, look down on him, squeezing his cheek or something like that. So we will use the pompous language in social media. Don’t underestimate saying image, Follow papa’s example.

İLGİLİ YAZI:  Chief Astrologer (Ottoman: Müneccim) & Taqi- Al-Din and Anti-Astrology

9.Level: Submit argumant that Kepler made astrology because of his financial constraints. Kepler wasn’t the only subject like many of old’s and new’s. Despite there are very rich person, this is the most popular discourse. There is a reason for being popular. We countinue undaunted! Don’t forget that we are already populist! When they have been refuted, proceed another level.

10.Level: Do not say to astrology “astrology”. Say fortune of stars. So you are discreding astrology by juggling with the words. (Some of your missionary brothers who read 3-5 books use term of “psuedoscience” so that they complete 8. Level. ) Do not forget things like these things are popular in missionary. If you are accused of ignorance, give examples of translation of you teacher. Hope that the person wouldn’t read fallacy instruction. If they read proceed 11th level. There is nothing to do.

11.Level: Spread that there is a kind of deadly virus in the horoscope. Don’t worry, you are not doing an act of desperation. We aim just the idiot part which is three percent of the bell curve. Certainly there will be believers. Exaggerate the virus like “ it causes that you do not get child, it dries your hand, makes acne etc.

İLGİLİ YAZI:  Chief Astrologer (Ottoman: Müneccim) & Taqi- Al-Din and Anti-Astrology

12.Level: Write that believers in astrology would have been petrified.Even recently tell that one of your friends was petrified because of believing astrology. Don’t forget launch your friend as reliable. Now they can not refute it. Definite information!

13.Level: Find something else now. Don’t expect everthing from astrologers. But please be creative. Because suggesting answer given is very boring. You are master now. Don’t forget that the real missionary uses the argumant he creates. Our holy book will be released very soon: AsKaMisBiblos


If you find a few new and creative argumant, you are ready now. If you couln’t find, don’t come in and cry.
Mingle to the lovers of astrology.Look good and move shadows for Sourn’s sake. Say good discourts although you would even insult with fancy language.Don’t forget it will perceived even better. (Everyone will bring his own cloak.) Do not commit a sin by reading the last chapters of Feynann’s book. Because we are scientific bigots and anti-astrology missionaries. We will burn that book at 450 degrees the same as astrology books. We will chase astrologers who are actually witch in the dark streets and tie to the stake. Sorry, first we will take to the water, if they drown we will say they are innocent, if don’t we will test them with devil’s work astrology. We are not so psychopath.


Entrusted to Dawkins Hodja with cassockwho we don’t doubt and who read a book called “Proof of the Astrology” whose author is astrophysicist Seymour.


Nun Devrima Dölena


Devrim Dölen

3 Mart 1977 İstanbul doğumludur. Amerika’da ve Türkiye’de faliyet gösteren çeşitli astroloji ve istatistik gruplarıyla birlikte, profesyonelliğe adım atmadan 24 yılını astroloji araştırmalarına verdi. 1999 yılından itibaren bunların bazılarını hakemli dergilerde (Bilim Tarihi), bazılarını da internet aracılığıyla paylaştı. İstanbul Aydın Üniversitesi bünyesinde Türkiye’de ilk defa YÖK onaylı astroloji eğitmenliği yapmıştır. 2001 yılında ücretsiz astroloji kursu veren Türkiye’deki ilk Türkçe topluluklardan Astroloji ve Astro-Gunluk gruplarının da moderatörlerindendi. 2011 yılında ise Zodyak Astroloji Yayınevini ve bugün bir çok astrolog yetiştirmiş olan Astroloji Akademisi’ni, 2015 yılında ise sitesini kurmuştur ve aynı yıl Astroloji Derneği'nin kurulmasına öncülük etmiştir. 2016 yılında ise Zodyak Astroloji Dergisi'ni çıkartmaya başlamıştır. Integritas tekniğinin yaratıcısıdır. Karate'de siyah kemer sahibidir. Astrolojik tablolar, tasarımlar ve diorama yapmayı, doğayı, ekoköyleri, dalmayı, aramayı, yanılmayı ve tekrar aramayı yaşam tarzı haline getirmiştir… Şimdiye kadar çıkmış olan yayınları: Astroloji Eğitimi 2 Astroloji Eğitimi 1 Arap Noktaları & Astrolojide Gösterge Denklemleri 2022 Gökyüzü Takvimi 2021 Gökyüzü Takvimi 2020 Gökyüzü Takvimi 2019 Gökyüzü Takvimi 2018 Gökyüzü Takvimi Zodyak Astroloji Dergisi Uranian Astroloji & Kozmobiyoloji Asteroid Sözlüğü (Program) Bitkiler: Astroloji & Mitoloji Temel Seviye 1: Gezegenler & Elementler Temel Seviye 2: Burçlar Temel Seviye 3: Evler Temel Seviye 4: Açılar 2015 Gökyüzü Takvimi

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