Sun and Gold


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Gold, for thousands of years was considered the metal of the Sun. Its chemical symbol is AU. The source is the Latin Aurum. It means, glittering, shining. Gold, impressive with its bright yellow color and its glitter, is a very heavy metal. As it is a very resistant element that does not get into a reaction easily, it doesn’t get affected by air and water. This is why it doesn’t get rusty, blackened or tarnished. It is very soft in its pure form. This way, it can be shaped easily by forging. Gold, with all its qualities considered as the most precious metal throughout history.




The mythological story about the Golden Fleece, is based on gold dust, which could be understood by its name. It is not a coincidence that the focus of the story, the Golden Fleece is located at Kolkhis. This region, in that times, was rich in gold and silver. Furs of various animals was being used to sort out the gold particles in the rivers. The furs which was laid in the river towards its flow, was holding the gold particles. The furs with gold particles on were later on was getting dried and forged. It was by historians that because there was famine in Greece back then and people were trying to find new solutions. The Kolkhis region which was living in prosperity, naturally picked the Greeks’ interest. This legend is myth that gives clues about Greek settlers which arrive to Eastern Black Sea and find colony cities in there. Of course, these type of trade movement in the Eastern Black Sea region by the Greek colonists was not just limited by the mining sector. Slave trade, lumber trade, fishing, honey and many other various goods with trade potential was intrigued the Greeks. The trade missions was at first weak and circled trips but they continued increasingly because of the abundance of goods and the locals were backwards in terms of civilization. And at last, it reached to the point where they started to build the first colony cities in appropriate locations on the shore.

Gold could be found everywhere on earth. It can be found in seas, underground, even in the highest segment of atmosphere. But, while it can be found everywhere, it is at low concentrations.

The Sun is associated with gold and as well as with the heart and the life energy. In ancient times, it has written much about the existence of a golden made potion named the Elixir of Life. Colloidal gold can be bright yellow, red or lilac according to the gold concentration. In Hindu Chemistry, gold was used to create various potions. In the 16th century, founder of chemistry, astrologer Paracelsus created the “Aurum Potabile” (Latin: drinkable gold).

In our day, doctors use gold to diagnose heart diseases and tumors. For the highest gold concentration is around the heart, Au, 195 isotope was developed. This isotope gives the image of the fabrics that contain blood in the heart: this process is called “heart imaging”. In older times, it was also being used for rheumatism diseases. Rheumatism diseases in astrology are symbolized by Saturn and the Sun is the traditional enemy of this celestial body.

It is also convenient with the propositions of the founder modern chemistry, astrologer Paracelsus: “It should be destroyed with a similar body or an enemy of the celestial body that causes the disease.”

Since it has been many years that the Sun – Gold price relationship was discovered by many, today in financial astrology, the Sun is not used as an inferential.


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Devrim DÖLEN was born in 3 March 1977 in Istanbul. Before she began her professional career with many astrology and statistics groups which are active in USA and Turkey, she’ve spent 22 years on astrology researches. Since 1999, she shared some of these in peer-review journals and some of them on the internet.


Within the Istanbul Aydin University, she’s the first astrology teacher in Turkey with a YÖK approved certificate.


She is one of the founders of the Gizemciler group founded in 1999. One of the moderators of the Astrology and Astro-Diary group which founded in 2001 and which focuses on astrology and is one of the first communities in Turkey to give astrology lessons in Turkish, Dölen, became one of the 3 founders of the which she co-founded with Devrim Yilmazer and Hakan E. Kayioglu whom she knew more than 10 years. In 2011, she founded the Zodiac Astrology Publishing and the Astrology Academy with Devrim Yilmazer. She has various books and research projects going on.


She created her life style around living with cats, making astrological paintings, designs and dioramas, eco-villages, diving, searching, failing and searching again…

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