Saturn in Scorpion

Something is stupid even though it is told by millions of people.

Saturn in the third house Bertrand Russell. 


Saturn is being prepared to lead to other important events by entering Scorpio on October fifth, 2012. We will host Saturn in Scorpio until September 18, 2015. Ancient Sumerian, Egyptian, Babel and Roman sources mention “Golden Age” which is the fairest and thus happiest and securest period of the human being forever. The god governing this age was Saturn. Golden Age was such a period that the human being wasn’t degenerated by imperialism and its tools such as superstitions and bourgeoisie and during which everybody followed the rules and the fields were watered abundantly. In contrast to the other gods, Saturn is on eath, not in the skies, and would bring knowledge and science to humans by living among them. The Golden Age finished when Jupiter overthrew Saturn, and imperialism and immortality predominated the world. We are now on the land of Jupiter. “There was not war, disorder, grudge and hate during the Golden Age. Instead of them, there was peace, order, respect, wisdom, and happiness on the earth”. Empedocles. This view of Empedocles found its bases in Orphic mythology based on cult of Bacus (or Dionisos) and in Pythagoreanism thought to be influenced by it.


If a happy Golden Age was lived in the past, why won’t it be lived once again?

Doesn’t everything cycle and turn back to its origin?

If the people shared the benefits, happiness and morality just like I thought, the world would become a heaven…

I say that pure, aware love would substitute the rampant, blind ones.

True knowledge would replace a pack of lies and ignorance, and brotherliness would replace bullying.



I easily guess that many people surprised because of what I am writing after thousands of popular articles which sings Jupiter’s praise and reviles Saturn. As another person with Saturn in the third house, I didn’t refer to Bertrant Russell in vain at the beginning of my article. Offer yourself tea and bagel from me!


Saturn doesn’t cause problem. It brings them to the surface in order for them to be resolved. Thus, perceive the new age as an appropriate one to solve the existing problems at a new level. Remember that the Saturn transits are always consequences of your past actions. Hence, you shouldn’t seek for another responsible person apart from you when the Saturn transits come and put the problems ahead of you. Briefly, as you sow, so shall you reap where Saturn exists. I said that Saturn always rewarded effort and labor, and punished luck and un-deserved success. Thus, don’t expect luck and support where transit Saturn passes, but you can catch a success deserved through efforts and labor and put signature to lasting works. You should make the truest and fairest things without receiving help from others. You should approach everything seriously instead of de facto, day-saving attitude where Saturn exists, or you loss!


You must accept the “truths” when you have Saturn transits. The worst thing you can do is to deny the truths and justice. Saturn forces you to be in favor of the “right side”. However, since rewarding and punishing aspect of Saturn usually appears as it leaves any sign, Saturn has been thought to have only annoying aspects and the fact that it is a teaching wise man has been ignored for long time, and Jupiter reflecting pure luck and success without effort and labor has been sublimated and the period of ruin when its transit ends has always been ignored.


Saturn has been viewed for centuries as a fearful planet related to delays and difficulties because it punished success earned without effort and strong base, luck, and undeserved success. We have been afraid of not only Saturn but also ourselves at the unconscious level because the fear of Saturn originates from our own weaknesses, from what we couldn’t achieve, and actually from the real “ego”. It is not futile that the sentence “Nosce Te Ipsum (First know yourself); and Meden agan = Avoid extremeness” is written on the door of Delphi sanctuary. In Moon-Saturn relationships, we are afraid of making emotional mistakes, for example to make emotional connections with a wrong person and thus to be injured by this relationship; in Sun-Saturn relationships we are afraid of our identity to be recognized wrongly, for instance of scandals, our social status being harmed; and in Saturn-Mercury relationships we are afraid of being caught in wrong ideas. Thus, mistakes are scarce where Saturn exists, but diversity of experiences are also scarce because of fears. Since Saturn forces us to become deep and wise, we either get fantasy of being victim among the walls or we take control and overcome the obstacles as Saturn forces us. It is of great importance for us to realize that we bear the same consequences by always giving the same reaction where Saturn exerts its influence. Only one limit remains when we get wisdom where Saturn exists, that is not to go back = not to go to extremism (Jupiter).


Being in Libra for a long time, Saturn has enabled us to make important decisions in critical issues in critical times and enabled these decisions to be obligatory. Thanks to Saturn, we became pretty wise in Libra issues. It introduced important queries to mutual relationships at the individual level and public relationships and politics at the community level. It revealed the truths about Libra without hiding anything; so to say, it showed all the truth to even most un-interested of us. Some of us didn’t pass this wisdom and understood it. But some others continued to think that two times two equals to five, and to be caught by fanaticism and magic of public relationships. We received important lessons about how justice and public relationships should be and experienced very deeply the lyrical, political aspect of Libra that always promises good things. We also experienced its background by the means of Saturn. We saw that a murderer such as Hitler with Libra being ascending sign began to have a big group of fanatics in our country apart from Nazis. I think this was the most impressive scene.


Basic meaning of Saturn in Scorpio is “permanent change”. You have to know that every change made during this period will be permanent and act accordingly because Saturn reflects both the bony structure providing the permanence and the transforming and changing wisdom. The changes you will make to save the day can be loss like a sandy castle when the Saturn’s transit ends. And another good advice that might be given during this period is “Don’t take on debt or loan”.



The most important lesson that Saturn will give us is to reach core of what is being experienced, the most central and important point of the problem without being stuck on missing chances and mistakes made in the past. You should take measures before Saturn forces you through debt and loans. For example, I recommend you to pay off your debts if you have such a debt and even though you can easily pay off them before October 5, because such debts will tend to cause problems and you will have difficulties to pay off them even their amount is small. This period, of course, shows such a time frame during which you have to avoid taking on debt as well advancing money to somebody. In conclusion, Saturn will test our concept of possession. You just should be fair, not so giver or so taker. If you have an external financial source it may be tested during this period, for example fiscal support from your spouse may be cut. Of course you have ways to survive this period without big losses. They include not trusting to external supports in financial issues, and to make plans not relying on others. Making individual investments without trusting external support may be a good option as well.

The time you spend on your workplace will increase and this is also such a period that you have to be alert for documents, telephone calls and communication mistakes in your work. Trivial platitudes and misunderstandings between you and your work-mates are also normal during this period.
In the period during which Saturn is in Scorpio, you may notice that sex doesn’t draw your attention as much as in the past. If you have had random relationships and sexuality so far, you will find them empty and meaningless in this period. You will be drawn to deeper relationships. If you can’t experience such a relationship, this potential may manifest itself as sexual problems. For many Aries people, this process indicates a period during which they will approach seriously to death and beyond most likely via an important life event. Don’t allow the croakers to exploit you!



The most important lesson for you from Saturn will be in the domain of relationships. You are entering a period during which you will earn wisdom in diplomacy and about how you treat others. This is a period in which you have to be too selective about people in your life. Taurus people without a serious relationship may meet someone who will be important for themselves in the future and may marry. For married Taurus people, this will be a period in which they will make important decisions about their relationships. You may divorce during this period if you have a spouse not compatible with your developmental point and having a character not suitable for your plans for the future. Your partner may wear out you by entering a period in which he/she begins to load so much responsibility on you and thus you may be annoyed by this relationship. Whatever the case is, the key word is an important turnout in mutual relationships and beginning of a new cycle.

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You have to be pretty selective for the people in your life, consider very seriously before signing any contract such as marriage or other business contracts and look at whether your plan is really “realistic and long-term” in order not to be influenced negatively by this period. Otherwise, your partner will wear out your character and your life energy from your point of view. In any case, try not to be indecisive. And try to make your decisions in long-term by thinking very seriously on them because every decision you will make will be obligatory for you for years.

You will always encounter double options. This may be the case in business as well as in your relationships because your ability to choose the “right” is what wants to appear to you. Many Taurus people is entering a big change with Saturn in Scorpio. You may transform your structure and personality – for instance you may loss weight – as well as you may change your house and even the city in which you live during this period.



Being in need of order for a long time, Gemini people may reach what they want with Saturn changing sign on October 5. You may experience a new house order, new working hours, new habits. You are entering a period during which you will have to work hard and assume so much responsibility. In any case, you will be annoyed. Nonetheless, as I wrote above, this effort will bring you a new order as well. If you are not happy with your business life and working conditions, you will want to change your job in this period as well. But it would be a mistake to expect the new job to be better during the period in which Saturn is in Scorpio. Thus, the biggest effect would be to re-build your own order in anyway and to re-plan your conditions and routines.
Employees may experience problems with their workmates. Job owners, on the other hand, should try to be selective for their employees as well as they should be aware of the fact that they are entering a new period in which they will appear to be tyrant. This, of course, implies problems at the workplace. In this process, you will make or break you job. Your key word for success should be “Permanence and justice”.

In this sign that Saturn will stay for two years, it tends to reveal the hidden and ignored health problems and to force people to solve them. If nutrition and daily routines are so much ignored, this implies new health problems. Thus, it will be beneficial to have health checks and to change unhealthy routine life before October 5. For example, take this period as a good chance to design a new diet and exercise schedule. Especially the problems related to sexual organs tend to appear during this period if they have been ignored previously. Thus one should be cautious about such problems.

During this period, the same attention and caution as you should pay to yourself also applies for your pet. Key not to be unhappy during Saturn’s processes lies in being cautious.



Provide against an array of unluckiness. This will be a period in which your luck will not be with you. You shouldn’t begin any event by trusting your luck. You may loss a bet that you may win when heads come ten times by having tails ten times. But those you began by using strategies and planning are exception. Games based purely on luck such as lottery are not compatible with Saturn’s character demanding effort and labor.

While Saturn is in this position, you will feel restricted emotionally and individually for a while. Colors of the life will not give you pleasure so much. A darker ambiance will begin to prevail to your concept of pleasure and entertainment. It isn’t necessary for an event to happen to annoy you but unluckiness is still troublesome. If you are employed in a job requiring creativity, for instance if you are an artist, you may experience this field by converting your abilities to a darker style so that your creativity not be influenced. The resultant performances will not flow as easily as they did in the past and will require more effort. Having an effort, for example gaining a hobby in order to reveal your individuality in a creative manner, will be beneficial as well as it will act symbolically against unfortunate possibilities.

If you are a sensual, pleasure-seeking body, pleasure and satisfaction will be very superficial and meaningless for you. During this period, you may experience serious conflicts with your friends. A friend of yours may go out of your life in some way. The same also applies if you have a lover. You are beginning approaching love more seriously. May be you will meet someone more mature than you (it isn’t necessary that maturity means being elder, I mean someone who may develop you and give you wisdom) and you may explore your own identity by means of this person. This will be a very deep love relationship, absolutely not an ordinary and superficial one. It may also be a grieving relationship but you will learn so much from it.
Cancer people who have kids are entering a period during which they will take care of their children much more. Those without kids may consider having a child seriously in this period and may feel themselves ready for having a child. In any case, you may have to take responsibility for children. Having a child if you don’t have, sharing care of a child from your family, sharing more time with your child if you have one, or coming back of one of your children if they are old enough to live alone are all possible options.



Be prepared to the most important change and transformation in your life. By the time October 5, you are turning the bend to reach highway and you should turn this bend with proficiently without losing your control. Saturn brings you a new base. Anything in your life that is unnecessary and not compatible to your character will be erased and re-structured in this period. This is a time for you to focus more on your house, family, and where you live. There will be important changes in these fields. You may buy a new house, move to a new one or start all over your life. This is a time indicating that you have to built your own bases in order to realize your wishes and to take your own responsibility. Forget about receiving help from your family in this period. You will have to have make even the trivial chars by yourself. Scrutiny if you decide to buy a new or sell your house or to move into a new one. Superficial and not-well made decisions will result in serious damages. Time to show your wisdom! If you are good in showing your wisdom, you’re laying the foundations of a successful life at this point. Your awareness is so much important at the beginning of this process, because Saturn may also introduce depression. I recommend Leo people who will move to another city to have astrocardographic consultation.

The most important point when you change your life is as follows: You have to pay attention for the responsibilities you will assume to strength you and to give you independence. Avoid any kind of responsibility that make you dependent. Otherwise, you may be overwhelmed by the responsibilities you will assume and may become like a slave. But this is not inevitable, thus you have to pay so much attention to this point. If you have chance to make a choice, choose the option in which you may act freely. It must be very important to prefer power to money. Let money come last.

There is a new beginning in your career. You should apply the right decision in this field as well. But you will have some tests when you develop your career. For example, you may encounter the people who recommends you to perform your job superficially, or to have a more popular job. Be cautious about it. Only the jobs that comes through effort and labor may make your career and social status permanent. Otherwise, your success will be transient. With Saturn transiting in Scorpion, you’re entering an entirely new cycle accelerating upward. So prefer fair, realistic and right things to easier ones even though very hard, or you may regret for long years for the current time.

You’re entering a new period in which your inner world as well will be transformed just like your life. It’s a time for your ambitions and internal desires to increase. You will want to control the environment in which you live and security gaps and preventive measures come into prominence in almost every issue.



This is a period in which your opinions and ideas will be deepened and transformed in order find the truth. Usually, tendency to concentrate on deeper topics becomes obvious in this period. Current but superficial topics, daily rushes begin not to draw your attention. Thus, you want to be lonely for longer time and to meet people with whom you may be deepen. So, this will be a transit impacting you as well as those close to you. The people with whom you chatted before may be surprised by your new style of lack of communication. For example your beginning to speak briefly, deepening in the topics about which your talking instead of remaining superficially, and finishing the chat in this way may make others feel that you are hiding somethings from them or trying to remain at bay. In fact, this is often true! Communicative matters may also cause problems with official documents and siblings. Remember paying off your bills and allocate time to your siblings. This is one of the most difficult transits for those attending on schools because educative system is based on transfer of superficial knowledge. If you have chance to compensate topics based on superficial knowledge, please use it by working harder on deeper topics.

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In fact, it’s time to make other people, who didn’t listen to what you told before, listen to what you say now. No matter what you say, others will respect your thoughts as long as they are based on reasonable ground (even though only you know them). This is the best point for you to utilize this period in best way. Short, brief and correct transfer of knowledge… Of course, power brought by knowledge will be on your side, if you use Saturn’s deep nature. Actually, this is what Saturn will query and test most during this transit. What, how and to what degree do you believe? And in contrast what, how and to what degree do you know? Should you trust your belief or your knowledge? Remember that you will take important lessons on that your another belief broken down with your every flinging into your beliefs when you ignore knowledge. During this period, there isn’t another body to close the truth more than you can by means of skepticism. Utilize this, and don’t avoid query everything you have believed so far. Otherwise, Saturn’s duty in here will be to try make you a person whose every statement is judged and to put you in a long-term unsuccessfulness shaped by unhappy thoughts and brought by short-term plans that would just save the current day.

A handicap of this transit is formation of an excessively skeptic and judgmental character. In any case, remember that you’re actually judging your own belief and knowledge through the information you’re gaining newly. It’s time to make long-term plans instead of short-term ones! During this period you have to find out what you really want, how much you want it and how do you want it and you must recognize yourself through a just viewpoint before turning point of your life comes a few years later because you will reach an important turning point when Saturn leaves Scorpio and if you missed this period of thought emptily then you won’t be able to know what you should do and will be indecisive. This is what Saturn doesn’t like at all as driver of the Zodiac: it is like someone who wanders along the street with hands in his pocket and closed eyes and who left the decision about where to go to God.



Saturn passing through your sign for a long time is eventually leaving it on October 5. This was a “key” position enlightening your future. It implies that you made some mistakes and didn’t judge your actions and motivations by means of your character if you didn’t become more powerful in terms of social status with Saturn giving responsibility of what you did directly to you. I saw that Saturn transiting the first house usually witnessed to stories of success because you actually become the weapon that Saturn uses directly when it transits the first house – it was very important in being your exaltation ruler. It examined you by enhancing your motivation and courage, and your actions were tested. If you haven’t changed yourself, then it is very likely that you have changed with difficulty your external aspect, your body language, and something concrete – for example you may have lost weight or changed where you live. That is to say that most of you were adversely influenced by external factors due to the big leading square but at the same time most of you have become a part of external conditions and direct applicators of them. Eyes were on you during many events even though you haven’t noticed and thus you have frequently been judged. If you passed this period by having spent time to know yourself and directed the arrows to yourself instead of accusing others or unlucky coincidences, then your reward will be very big in long-term. Otherwise, Saturn is merciless.

Now, I have a bad news since your exaltation ruler left your sign. You may not exhibit an influential role on others as much as in the past. This is the bad news and judging your motivation and character, in bad or good manner is over! The good news is that you will be able to do something to gain fiscal power you have desired for a long time with Saturn coming into Scorpio. Saturn rules permanence and you are expected to assume the responsibility for your financial power when Saturn passes through Scorpio representing your financial power.

Saturn, however, will test you hardly at this point. Do you really have things you really pay importance or things others do. At this point, doubtlessly, you should have things that “you” really pay importance. If you are a Libra person depending on the power of money, you may be challenged in this area and thus you should be just about “How much should I take and how much should I give”, and rein back Scorpio in your second house. It may be harder to earn money than previously but this is exactly what Saturn tries to do in the second house: when you stand alone justly without external aids and luck in financial issues, you may reach a big materialistic power when Saturn leaves Scorpio and you may have a chance to take a deep breath that will last for your life.



You will host Saturn in your sign from October 5 to September 18, 2015. A new period is beginning for you during which your character, actions and motivations will be tested. The period during which Saturn passes through your first house will be rewarding for you previous works and efforts. Of course this may be good or bad. For instance, you may see that you are consuming away, exhaulting and assuming heavy responsibilities if you don’t have so much work so far. Those who worked hard and endeavored so much in their past will gain maximal permanent benefits during this period. Shortly, what you will experience during this period will be a reward or punishment for what you did in your past.

During this period, whatever you do, you shouldn’t abuse the power in your hand and shouldn’t make a wrong action. Short time successes will have a damaging potential. With Saturn’s coming, you should re-build your personality and should be judging your actions. Concrete changes visible from the outside indicate that you apparently changed instead of your personality changing. You have to be careful about this. You have to gain so much wisdom during this period. But if you focus purely on physical appearance, what you may take and achieve will come to the zero point. In conclusion, you should focus on “your own individual development” instead of focusing on “others”.

Being free of external load is another important issue. Pain or happiness from the past should be left behind by solving them. You should evaluate objectively where you made mistakes and focus on the future by seeing the solution. Otherwise, unsolved problems will annoy you in long term.
Saturn, on the other hand, will be challenging as well as it brings success because Saturn looking daggers at your mutual relationships and your way of action on others indicates that there will be somebody to judge you as well. But remember that this originates again from you and your actions. It is likely that you will damage to your many relationships, and treat the people very skeptical and aggressively. You will be a tool for people being tested for a while. It is very important for you to spend this period in a justly way as one of the harsh components the people experiencing because it will be likely when Saturn withdraws this power from you in 2015 that you will experience several difficulties with people who learned making pressure by having experienced pressure from others, end up in court with them, and experiences unluckiness and losses of which meaning will not be understood by you. You should have had health controls in order to deliberate before 2013.



This is not a good time for you to make new attempts. First of all, you should know this fact as major quality of this period. It will be a period during which you won’t be on the stage, you should be cleaned and healed to solve some problems, listen to others to reach right judgments, and seclude yourself for a while. While Saturn passes through the twelfth house, you may consider the dream as truth and your ideals without application as right. Thus, during this period you should pay more attention to others’ opinions than yours because the main lesson Saturn will teach you will be that you should listen to others and that insisting on your own judgments will mislead you.

During this process of Saturn, you should learn finishing, leaving, cleaning and being clarified. Auto criticism is difficult during this process but a challenge from your unconsciousness will manifest as unhappiness unless you criticize yourself. You may feel that you aren’t being loved or respected. Don’t feel yourself insufficient! This is a required quality and actually your last stop before the transition period.

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Saturn that will enter your sign on 18 September 2015 will put you in a rewarding period. But reward of Saturn doesn’t mean “luck”. In contrast to Jupiter which is ruler of your sign, Saturn represents permanent rewards coming by the means of labor and efforts. You receive what you deserve, this may be a bad thing. Passage of Saturn through the twelfth house is actually a last-chance it gives you. Thus it is of paramount importance for you to get free of your bad habits, unjust actions if you have, your mistakes and leave them behind in the past.However, it is absolute that you will be frequently tested in this area because Saturn gets ambition on capture what is “hidden” here. For example, trying to gain power or revenge by attempting magical experiences may be part of this test. Attention!

With Saturn entering the twelfth house, another important event comes in existence. Those wise men in your life who give more than they take begin to go out of your life in some way and those who need your help but won’t give you as much as they take begin to enter your life. The reason for this is that those who will give you advices and support are not wanted around you when you get cleaned and clarified in your this last chance because Saturn always wants the person to do something by himself without external aids. The persons who will enter your life will be those who will abuse and consume you. You will give them an inch and they will take a yard! These persons are actually the tools used by Saturn to test your charitableness and what you can give without any expection.



Saturn entering Scorpio on October 5 indicates a very important period. This period is so much rewarding. Because you meet persons who will give you wisdom before the last clarification. Many wise men enter your life and you consume their knowledge. They are those who will contribute your development and your plans about the future. Remember that you will be loaded with knowledge during this period before the developmental clarification period begins. The test here is about whether you are unthankful or not, for what purposes you use the knowledge you have, and whether you will take further it. If you can spend this period as a just and harmonious person (at least by not being despotic) it means that you made a new life plan and are ready for awakening after a resting period. Otherwise, if you sacrifice the knowledge and your friends for your own ambitions, then it will be very likely that you will experience a collapse and your period of clarification will be interrupted when Saturn enters your twelfth house.

Saturn will draws those wise men to your side on one hand, and will be very cruel against the existing superficial friends on the other hand. The reason for this is that Saturn loves depth. Either you act in a despotic way in the groups of friends or they may be too busy to deal with you. Those who are not suitable for teamwork may loss many friends during this period. In anyway, your superficial friendships will end and only those whose individual natal chart is very compatible with your one or those with real wisdom will remain in your life. Thus this is a period in which such activities as joyful entertainments, vacations will be restricted.

The point where Saturn exists also rules your income from career. Thus Saturn means here that more effort should be made to earn income from career and more responsibility should be assumed.

Here, Saturn may make you reach to your highest ideals with your efforts and labor if you enjoy new explorations or are a sciencist, astrologist or someone open to new explorations. But you may feel that your responsibilities gotten heavier if you are someone relying on his luck or others instead of working hard. Thus, if you have high ideals during this period, I recommend you to make attempts, efforts and spend time for your ideals by pushing the earthly necessities and the day-saving efforts into the background. It is hard to listen to teaching of Saturn, hence its present is permanent.
It is a period in which those wanting to have a baby or having such a plan should consider very well. In fact, Saturn here doesn’t think highly of the children.



It’s time a for change and transformation for your social status. Your focus will be only on your social status and career. So, some problems with house and family living are likely. Try not to ignore your family so much otherwise this area may become very problematic and negatively impacts your career as well. You will have to work hard during this period but the success will be permanent.

If you built strong basis for yourself especially between 1998 and 2001 and if you chosen the responsibilities giving you chance for freedom during that period, you will rise to the peak and gain success during this period. Because these both harvest periods are related to social status and success. But if you didn’t make strong basis and didn’t act justly, sacrificed the highest values in order to save the day, this period may disfavor you. The problems overlooked for long times may remind themselves and process of re-solving a cyclic problem starts again.

The most common event observed during this period is those failing after trying to found his business although not being competent in that business. Avoid being ambitious in this arena. It may be disastrous. You have to query whether you are competent in the job you will do and evaluate objectively whether you really perform that job as it requires. If you are component on that job but it really draws you then what you should do is very simple. Saturn gives time for this: employing competent people on your site and receiving professional consultancy; i.e., receiving support from the symbol of Saturn itself. The only thing you should do is winning your ego and accepting that there are persons better than you. But you will have to walk on a fine line because Saturn will test you whether you exploit others or not.

You are entering a new period during which you will query your philosophy of life and your beliefs, and re-build your entire point of view. Many people change their philosophy of life, especially their religion, and deepens in this topic during this passage of Saturn. Try not to dissociate and not to ignore other aspects of life because you will spend so much time on such topics as philosophy, religion, meta-physics and you will be candidate to be obsessive on these matters. If you have inflexible ideas and fanaticism about something, Saturn will destroy them. You shouldn’t draw your point of view with thick lines, and should use wisdom and reality of Saturn to query and test your belief because your point of view to your beliefs and exact knowledge that will accompany you for your entire life will be shaped during this period. Otherwise, Saturn will damage you every time you act based on your belief. For instance, it is very likely that you may witness dark aspects of a mystical leader you love and respect so much that you have never seen before because Saturn reveals good or bad realities in any way. At every point you act according to your beliefs, your luck and wisdom will be restricted.



A hard time awaits the Pisces people especially those receiving education. You will show a skeptical approach to widely accepted and usually not enquired knowledges of the society. Desire to find exact evidence and lack of available evidence or presence of evidence against the theory will disturb you deeply and you will be contrast with general knowledge of the society. And you will go beyond this knowledge on occasion. This will cause you fail to do the matters which have been wanted from you by means of simple and popular knowledge. This situation, of course, has an advantage as well. For instance, many people meet deep knowledge of science (especially of astrology) during this period. Popular knowledge doesn’t suffice for you any more and this is bad for your education but an invaluable chance for new explorations.

You will devoid of support from the society because Saturn will always be contrast to it where it exists. One of the most obvious symbolic of this is lawsuits. Thus try not to cry out and judge the realities you meet against the society while you gain deep wisdow in you.

If you are an educator or someone respected in the society or an authority whose knowledge is frequently referred, this period tends to pass a little different from above. You observe that many people begin to accumulate around you and they begin to act as if they are your chelas. What draws them to you is the illusion that the power of knowledge you have is almighty. Try to be a real wise man who will be tested by Saturn, not to be a false prophet. The knowledge and events about which you are really almighty will be ascertained when Saturn passes through the tenth house. This period should be used for observation and search.

Travels for knowledge and job increase. However, those for pleasure become stressful. In order to satisfy Saturn, you may try to learn something on journeys you go for pleasure and you may use the place you go as a material to make search.



Devrim Dölen

3 Mart 1977 İstanbul doğumludur. Amerika’da ve Türkiye’de faliyet gösteren çeşitli astroloji ve istatistik gruplarıyla birlikte, profesyonelliğe adım atmadan 24 yılını astroloji araştırmalarına verdi. 1999 yılından itibaren bunların bazılarını hakemli dergilerde (Bilim Tarihi), bazılarını da internet aracılığıyla paylaştı. İstanbul Aydın Üniversitesi bünyesinde Türkiye’de ilk defa YÖK onaylı astroloji eğitmenliği yapmıştır. 2001 yılında ücretsiz astroloji kursu veren Türkiye’deki ilk Türkçe topluluklardan Astroloji ve Astro-Gunluk gruplarının da moderatörlerindendi. 2011 yılında ise Zodyak Astroloji Yayınevini ve bugün bir çok astrolog yetiştirmiş olan Astroloji Akademisi’ni, 2015 yılında ise sitesini kurmuştur ve aynı yıl Astroloji Derneği'nin kurulmasına öncülük etmiştir. 2016 yılında ise Zodyak Astroloji Dergisi'ni çıkartmaya başlamıştır. Integritas tekniğinin yaratıcısıdır. Karate'de siyah kemer sahibidir. Astrolojik tablolar, tasarımlar ve diorama yapmayı, doğayı, ekoköyleri, dalmayı, aramayı, yanılmayı ve tekrar aramayı yaşam tarzı haline getirmiştir… Şimdiye kadar çıkmış olan yayınları: Astroloji Eğitimi 2 Astroloji Eğitimi 1 Arap Noktaları & Astrolojide Gösterge Denklemleri 2022 Gökyüzü Takvimi 2021 Gökyüzü Takvimi 2020 Gökyüzü Takvimi 2019 Gökyüzü Takvimi 2018 Gökyüzü Takvimi Zodyak Astroloji Dergisi Uranian Astroloji & Kozmobiyoloji Asteroid Sözlüğü (Program) Bitkiler: Astroloji & Mitoloji Temel Seviye 1: Gezegenler & Elementler Temel Seviye 2: Burçlar Temel Seviye 3: Evler Temel Seviye 4: Açılar 2015 Gökyüzü Takvimi

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