Do The Planets Rule The Humans?


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We astrologers use these kind of phrases when we talk:
– You can find a new job with the effect of Saturn,
– Mars – Uranus opposition may get you in an accident,
– The effect of the Moon will make you feel happy,

When we look at these phrases, those who don’t know the scientific or philosophical basis of the astrology, may be think that the planets rule us. They’re not wrong…

However, according to many astrologers, the planets don’t rule us. Otherwise, should we have Muslim, Christian etc. astrologers? A presupposition like this, for those believers in these religions, for example for Muslim astrologers, is nothing but blasphemy against god. But we know that many Islamic scholars were also astrologers. On the other hand, for the majority of the astrologers of old and for a few astrologers (pagan) of our day, each celestial body is a reflection of a god and they represent their wills. According to astrologers who think like that, that is why astrology is the “language of the gods”.

So, for those astrologers who don’t believe that the planets don’t rule us, how does this system goes? Actually, while writing those phrases above, I wanted to tell about the quality of the synchronization of the up and low. If Mars represents athletes, and it’s getting bad angle in the skies, we think that the athletes are getting a bad angle here.

Synchronization expresses that the fragmented systems which work in cooperation have their timings matched. One of the three great founders of the depth psychology, also the founder of the analytic psychology, Carl Gustav Jung brought the synchronicity to a whole life.

Previously, I told about our story of renting the place of the Astrology Academy, somewhere. In this article, I’ll give another example: Every Saturday, I go to Istanbul from Izmir to give lessons. In 13 April 2013, as I stepped in Istanbul, the commotion around me was the Chinese. While I was going to the office, a Chinese couple passed before me. Hours later, while I was looking out of the window, I saw a Chinese running. And during the evening, I went to my Aunt. We were going to make a girls party. My Aunt told me she cooked Chinese.

Let’s also listen to Assoc. Dr. Polat Has :
I think every physician will agree to this : “Patient brings patients.” For example, a globally rare disease was encountered in our hospital. After that comes another patient with the same disease. For example, a patient with thrombocytopenia (bleeding caused by the decrease of a cell in the blood) comes. Certainly, another patient with the same disease comes to the same room. “

Normally, everyone will experience synchronization like the example above every day. But, this synchronization couldn’t be noticed because of the lack of knowledge on astrological symbolism. Chinese bombardment is a fractal that can be noticed without knowing about astrology. But not all fractals are like this.

Let me give you an example:

You’ve met a person with a political life in your daily life. You got some money from somewhere. Your boyfriend send you flowers. You wanted to listen to music more than you normally do, it was day you were lazy. Your cat entertained you much. You ate dessert more than enough.

For those who don’t know astrology, the events above are not linked at all and seems totally “normal”. For an astrologer, everything above is a Venus symbol and there is an obvious synchronization..

So, if there are many things that we are “synchronized” with, why we use the planets instead of them? Well, we will notice an attractor and all the predictions will be based on it. If we find another attractor, for example if we observe a whole elephant population and predict what will happen to another group based on what happened to them…

Actually, this theory is not such a bad idea, but it is practically impossible. Because, the planets are symbols for the whole humanity, and they have been observed and solved for thousands of years and they are still being solved through new methods. And it is not just that. We can calculate the future positions of celestial bodies without error, but we don’t have a method that can predict how an elephant population will be synchronized (I’m sure that the Isaac Asimov fans are thinking about the PsychoHistory. )

I’ve told how the system works for those who don’t believe that the planets are gods. In this system, there is no factor of “god or gods”. As the M-theories shows us, there are connections, etc. But, of course, I’m not saying anything against those who see them as the hand of god or the will of the gods. Saying what to believe and attacking a belief is moral dictatorship. As it is normal for an atheist to know Quran, as it is normal for a Muslim to have read the God Delusion of Dawkins, knowing about different points of view is normal.

With my wishes for the enrichment of different points of view which emboldens astrology,



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