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Leonardo Da Vinci, a universal genius and polymath, was born in Vinci Italy on 23.04.1452 at 22:24 according to a record taken by his grandfather. Using dated events in his biography I rectified his birth time to 22:14. The birth horoscope given here is based on the rectified bith time.

Genius stands on three pillars according to Paul Cooijmans: intelligence, associative horizon and conscientiousness. High and maybe very high intelligence is a requirement for genius. But high, very high and even extremely high intelligence alone is not enough to call someone a genius. This article only deals with astrologIQ indicators of only one component of genius – high intelligence.

Leonardo Da Vinci’s birth horoscope:


Analysis based on the Part of Reasoning:

Da Vinci’s Part of Reasoning is located at 7° 03’ Aquarius. Aquarius is classifed as one of the rational (or humane) signs in traditional astrology. Born in the night, he is a nocturnal nativity.

The Part is located in the 2nd house, a “succedent” house which is of mediocre strength.

Rulers of the Part are as follows:

Saturn – sign ruler (domicile ruler) and second triplicity ruler for nocturnal birth

Venus – term (bound) ruler and also decan (face) ruler

Saturn, strong in the 10th house and Libra, is in trine aspect by sign and within 7 degrees of exactitude. Venus, the quasi-major ruler of the Part is conjunct the Part’s contrantiscion at 22° 57’ Taurus within 1° 30’. These indications are enough technically to call the Part as well-disposed but there are other things that improve well-disposedness in this horoscope. Mercury, Sun, Mars, Pluto and Neptune are all in aspect with the Part in orbs varying from 7 to 2 degrees. Uranus, the planet of genius according to modern astrologers, casts a partile trine to the Part’s antiscion at 22° 57’ Scorpio. Of these planetary aspects, sextile aspect by Mercury in about 2 degrees orb and conjunction with Mars, albeit in a little wide orb, are very important because Mercury and Mars are components of the Part of Reasoning.

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So, the Part in Da Vinci’s birth horoscope is well-disposed and a focal point which is triggered and kept active by many aspects from planets, some of them being its (The Part’s) rulers.

Rulers of the ascendant in order of decreasing importance are the following:

Jupiter – sign (domicile) ruler and first triplicity ruler for nocturnal birth.

Sun – second triplicity ruler for nocturnal birth.

Saturn – participating/third triplicity ruler for nocturnal birth.

Venus – term (bound) ruler.

Moon – decan (face) ruler and also sect ruler (luminary) for nocturnal birth.

Presence of aspects of these planets to the Part and/or the Part’s rulers are important as regards intelligence from astrologIQ standpoint.

Aspects to the Part:

Jupiter does not aspect the degree of the Part.

The Sun aspects the Part. Positive.

Saturn aspects the Part with a bit a wide orb (7 degrees) but also by sign. So still effective.

Venus aspects the Part’s antiscion. Positive but a weaker effect than when the aspect is to the Part itself.

The Moon does not aspect the Part.

Therefore, some rulers of the ascendant (namely significators of the ascendant in a hierarchy of rulership) put the ascendant (namely the person himself) in connection with the Part (namely one of the symbols of “intelligence”).

Aspects to the rulers of the Part:

First planet below is a ruler of the ascendant and the second planet is a ruler of the Part.

Jupiter aspects Venus.

The Moon aspects Venus.

Condition and aspects of Mercury:

Mercury in Da Vinci’s chart is strong in the 4th house, peregrine and in aspect with:

The ascendant within 5 degrees (trine),
The Part of Reasoning (sextile),
Saturn, triplicity ruler of the ascendant and domicile ruler of the Part (opposite),
Mars, significator of sharpness as the component of the Part of Reasoning (sextile),
Antiscion of Uranus (sextile).
Of these, Mercury’s sextile aspect to the Part is perhaps the most valuable one in terms of intellectual ability. Condition and aspects, which are all favorable (sextile and trine) except for Saturn, meet quite strongly the required conditions mentioned in the text about the Part of Reasoning.

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Mercury is only afflicted by the opposite aspect with Saturn. In traditional terms, Saturn receives Mercury into his descension (fall). This being a negative reception, implying a kind of denial, rejection or dislike, may account for the fact that Leonardo Da Vinci – like some other geniuses of the same caliber in history – did not receive a formal education at school.

Mercury’s peregrine quality is typical for some geniuses. For the record, in a recent study I have done about some 80 Nobel laureates in science, mean quality rank score has been found to be very close to “peregrine”. In view of the astrological lore about the concept of peregrine, I think it is quite legitimate to relate Mercury’s peregrine condition to “unconventional ways of thinking and expressing”, which has a keen association with what one calls genius!

Condition and aspects of Mars:

Mars in Da Vinci’s chart is moderately strong in the 2nd house, peregrine and in aspect with:

The ascendant (sextile),
The Part of Reasoning with a wide orb in the same sign (conjunct),
Saturn, triplicity ruler of the ascendant and domicile ruler of the Part (trine and in reception),
Mercury, significator of general intelligence as the component of the Part of Reasoning (sextile and in reception).
So, the element of “sharpness” in the specific context of the Part of Reasoning is communicated and passed on by favorable aspects to key points (ascendant and the Part) and their ruling planets (Saturn and Mercury) in Da Vinci’s chart.

We note that all conditions set forth in the text about the Part of Reasoning are met in a strong way, that is by favorable aspects of major rulers and by reception. Especially noteworthy is that both Mercury and Mars – two components of the Part of Reasoning – are well placed to be in contact with both the Part and its rulers, the ascendant, and also with each other.

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Analysis based on the Part of Skill

The Part of Skill in Da Vinci’s chart is located at 9° 22’ in Gemini. Gemini is an air sign which is also classified as one of the rational signs in traditional astrology. Because Gemini is ruled by Mercury, this Part’s being located in Gemini can be considered to be more valuable than any other sign in the horoscope that is not ruled by Mercury.

The Part is within 5 degrees of the cusp of the 7th house, therefore the Part can be considered to be enjoying presence in an angular house; so it is strongly placed. Because in addition the Part receives an aspect from its dispositor, Mercury, it is well-disposed.

Mercury, general significator of intelligence, located at 9° 17’ in Aries strongly placed in the angular 4th house, casts an extremely sharp sextile aspect to the Part at 9° 22’ in Gemini.

With the exception of Mercury’s somewhat impeded condition beacuse of an opposite aspect from retrograde Saturn and somewhat poor quality (i.e peregrine), we note that conditions stated in the text about this Part too are met in a strong fashion. Especially noteworthy is the partile sextile aspect formed between Mercury and the Part.

From the standpoint of astrological prediction per se, someone born with such a chart supporting very high intelligence being declared normal in terms of intellectual ability would be abnormal indeed!


Copyright © Hakan E. Kayıoğlu

6 May 2012, Eskişehir


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