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Twin Kids and Cosmic Twins

As it is known, astrology is very sensitive with time and place. Even so, 4 minutes differences in time or location differences may cause serious changes in house systems that are based on time and place.  This is a question that meddles with my mind since I’ve first met astrology, that means 22 years. Unfortunately, twin kids are not enough to fulfill our minds on this subject.  Because, according to a research,  in twins who grew up together, there is a tendency to differentiate psychologically. Also, in astrology, when we consider twins, the second twin is considered as a rival for the other (because biology also thinks this), so his or her houses are counted from DSC.  In Minneapolis, Minnesota, the similarities of maternal twins who was separated when they were 4 weeks old and brought up by different parents, which couldn’t be explained by genetics or environment effects, but only with astrology, is a good example for this. From time to time, such examples were also on our newspapers.  Unfortunately, these examples are rare, and despite my researches for years, I couldn’t get a “reliable” birth hour. Also, in the similarities that I could’ve found, there was a risk that I encounter genetic signs other than the astrology theory. Because of that, I chose a different approach and I canalized to those have no genetic relations, and born at the same time and place.


Cosmic Twins Are Rare

For years, I’ve been searching for cosmic twins who has a reliable birth hour and born with the same ascending level. Even so, in the Gizemciler group that I am also a founder, I’ve begun a project like this.  In two years, I’ve found many twins who was born in very close hours, but none of them was at the “same” time. It has been 13 years since I’ve begun this research. I’ve finished that project when I left the Gizemciler group, but I’ve investigated thousands of databases by myself and I could find three couples which you saw above.

There is also someone like me. By creating a website, Richard Avis who searches for his cosmic twin travelled to 100 countries and met more than 400 people (He is a Sagittarius Sun in conjunction with Neptune). And he found 34 people who was born on the same day as him. Unfortunately, he couldn’t find anyone who was born at the “same time” and “same place”. I’m still following him and searching the databases, hoping one day that he will found it.

It is not surprising that Cosmic Twins are so rare. Because, according to an info on BBC’s website, 255 people are born every minute on Earth. So, when we consider that there are 193 countries in the world and these all have their own cities, it is really hard to find cosmic twins, people who are born at the same time and place, in the same city. Maybe we can have more luck in China.


Cosmic Twin Researches

The subject of Cosmic Twins comes up from time to time, it looks simple but actually it’s a fairly complex subject.  There are so much to write and talk about. Devrim Yılmazer gave an interview to the Aktüel Magazine in 2010 on the subject. But given that it is a heavy subject, the magazine chose to not publish it. And Devrim Yılmazer did not simplify the article to not take the readers as fools. When the time is right, his interview, which could be considered more as an article will be published. That is why I don’t want to get too much into this subject. I just want to respond in a manner that is proved by the western astrology, against those stupid comments which I hear from time to time, by sharing only one of my examples. So let us just continue to the example.




In the two maps above,  ascension level difference is 3 but we encounter dramatic changes. (Another reason for this is that we use a house system that is based on time and place. You can reach an article on the subject by clicking here.) For example, one of the most dramatic changes are those in the 4th house which relates to a person’s inner world and consciousness and in the 10th house which relates to fame. These reflect to life very dramatically, because one of the maps belongs to Shelley Long, and the other to one of the Manson disciples, Leslie Van Houten.

So, when the maps are so similar like this, we see very similar patterns in their lives. Let’s examine these similar patterns first and then let’s continue those differences and to astrologic elements which are the source for these differences.


Similarities and Differences in Their Lives

Both the mothers of the two women are teachers. Because that the maps are morning maps, mother is symbolized by Venus and Venus in both maps is the ruler of the 9th house which is the representative of educators.

They were born on different places but both lived in Boston for a time (Both their Moons are on Leo, In Boston’s astrological map, the Moon is also on Leo). However, their birth places are different so the astrocartographic lines are naturally different. Leo Sun and Leo Moon passes through the Boston where Shelley shot her film, and Leslie’s Pluto passes through it. Leslie starts taking LSD there.

Both does not have a classic religious approach and both try to reach spiritual purification through yoga and meditation (as we understand it, Leslie tries this more and she is still in her teens. She was reading Ouspensky while she was a kid. )While Shelley grows up in a Presbyterian church, Leslie’s schoolmaster in her Sunday school was also a Presbyterian. Ruler of the 9th house and the representative of religion, Venus is in conjunction with Neptune which removes all barriers, and squared with Uranus which tells about difference and modernism.

Leslie gets more carried away with the crazyness of Uranus and believes that Charles Manson is Jesus + Devil. One of the Arabian points, Pars Rationis Et Sensus (Mind and Understanding Point) exact is in conjunction with Leslie’s Uranus (crazyness). Shelly’s stays afar.

Both gets chosen princesses in school (an American tradition). It is very convenient for two Venus Libra women in conjunction with Neptune.

Both women got married in 1981, the difference was a month.  And they were both, naturally, in their 9th house profections, the house of marriage. While Shelley made a real marriage, Leslie got married just to get out of prison. While we examine the monthly profections, we see that Shelley lived the 10th house and the ruler of it, Venus was at Libra which is associated with relationships, and Leslie lived the 11th house profection and that Mars and Uranus were here. Shelley wanted to become free.

In 2004, Leslie’s early probation demand was denied, and two months after that Shelley attempted suicide. Both were living the 8th house which is known to be a very critical turn, and here we found the Northern Moon Knots which tells about critical turns.

In 1968, they both join a group, with one difference: Shelley joins a group about acting and Leslie finds herself in Manson’s group. Once again, a very critical turn. And at this turn, both women lives the 8th house profection which is associated with fate and is located in the Northern Moon Knot.

Another dramatic change is the Suns on the map. Sun and the 10th house is associated with one’s fame. Shelley’s Sun, is in conjunction with the royalty star Regulus in the ends of the Leo sign and is at the 12th house which symbolizes movies. 12th house also tell about prisons and Leslie’s Sun here provides the other symbolism of the same house. With one difference. Leslie’s Sun is at the Virgo sign. While Shelley is known for her entertaining movies, Leslie will be known as a convict guilty of the double homicide of a market owner couple (Virgo).

Also, in women maps, Sun is the spouse representative. Shelley’s first husband was also shooting movies. Educational movies for Encyclopedia Britannica. This was really important for the first years of Shelley’s career. Her second husband is a stock broker. Another Leo symbolism. I told about Shelley’s Sun above. Leslie married someone with a heavy record sheet for her escape plan for prison. This person was later arrested for car theft and this was what revealed the situation. Another 12th house symbolism and Virgo sign tells here about organizing a plan together.

The Sun is also the representative of the father in day maps. While Shelley did not have many problems with her father (maybe as much as everyone else), Leslie’s father was an alcoholic. 12th house means losing yourself and the Virgo Sun here, tells about a routine addiction. The Sun is also in conjunction with Saturn, which according to classic astrology is a representative for narcotics and drugs. Leslie as a result was known like this. Alcohol and especially LSD.

We should also remember that the Sun , according to classic astrology, also represents “conscience and the spirit if there is a such thing”.

I’ve said that the 10th house is about fame, as much as the Sun. In Shelley’s map, while the 10th house ruler Venus which is associated with art is at the Libra sign that is known with its naïve appearance, Leslie’s 10th house ruler Mercury is at the Virgo sign. Mercury is very strong in the sign that it rules, the Virgo (and here it is at the 1st house which it is considered happy), that is why it can represent routine addictions (the Capricorn at the 5th house is in triangle with Jupiter) and nervous tensions with intense complexes.  It has also a sextile angle with the highly impulsive Cancer Mars. And that is the ruler of the father point, Pars Patris, in addition to the Sun, and we see here how important are these connections with the alcoholic father, in regard to renown and where they could lead a person to.

In 1967, while Shelley made a speech in the National Forensic League about sex and had an award, in the same year Leslie got pregnant and got an abortion. That year, both of them were living the 7th house profections, and the 7th house rulers of the both women were at the 5th house. (5 house = awards, kid) With this difference: Leslie’s Jupiter rules the 4th house which tells about being able to get pregnant, for Shelley, this was not the case. There is also another detail in this. Shelley’s husband wanted a kid. However, Shelley refused this until she changed her mind later on. Another interested detail. Shelley’s subject included weed as well as sex. And in the same year, Leslie discovers marijuana and other hallucinogens and starts to use them. (Ah, the importance of working the symbolisms in the right way!)

Both have to gift of writing. While Shelley wrote many things, Leslie, who was in the prison since her teens, wrote many short stories and published a newspaper. In both of their 12th house which is about writing, they have Leo Moon and the Sun.

Leslie’s psychologist explained that she has impulsive control disorder. In the map, Saturn shows our control mechanisms and the Moon and the 4th house shows our impulses. In both women’s maps, with being a little heavier in Leslie, the Saturn is burnt (combust = 8.5 orb). Which means that it moves completely according to the Sun and doesn’t have any power without the Sun. In both women, we could say that the control mechanisms won’t be able to work much in regard to fathers and husbands. Leslie’s father was an alcoholic and Shelley, couldn’t able to endure her divorce, tried to kill herself in 2004. Both their Moons are the same on the map. While Shelley acted in comedy films with her Leo Moon, Leslie chose to continuously mock the court. Both women have a Mars-Neptune square, and this removes the realism out of their actions. While they react to things do not exist, they may not be reacting to thing which they should. On the other hand, their 4th houses which tell about inner world, subconscious and impulses, are different. Leslie’s  4th house ruler is the representative of excess, Jupiter and it is at the 5th house that tells about entertainment and in the Capricorn sign that represents calmness and cults. This Jupiter I’ve told you about above,  is in a smooth triangle with the high volume Mercury. This position, of course, other than her Leo Moon, explains her calm mockery of authority figures.  The dispositor is also the above mentioned Saturn. As the Saturn is also the ruler of the 6th house,  and when there is so much emphasis on the Virgo sign, we can easily say that she was a nervous patient with drug addiction with its roots connected to her father (Sun and Mercury). Shelley’s 4th house ruler Mars is at the Cancer sign and at the 11th house. Here, we see that the defense mechanisms are developing, the courage is mostly about protecting self and the rage is turned inside.

The Jupiter – Neptune square which is present at both of the maps, tells about religious exploitation, following fake gurus or being a fake guru. So, if we mention Charles Manson, which effected especially Leslie: His 4th house ruler Moon which represents his impulsive state, is in the Aquarius sign about  communities and at the 10th house which is associated with goals, authority figures, and at the same time, fame. It is squared with the Mercury – Jupiter conjunction at the 7th house, that is associated with hostility.  Charles Manson was planning a interracial war via his murders. This Moon is exactly at Leslie’s MC point associated with fame and at exact triangle and sextile at the IC point associated with inner world. I don’t think Shelley would be much interested with Manson if she met him.  Manson’s Mars – Neptune conjunction in the Virgo sign associated with drug use and at the 5th house is in parallel with Leslie’s Moon Knots in the 8th house, so it is like there is a conjunction effect.  Normally, this acquaintance is a turning point in Leslie’s drug addiction…

Imagine that you have always made the right decisions… Astrology exists so that you can see forward in the path you’ll walk with your decisions, not to shine or destroy you in regard to fate… According to her map, Leslie always  had a chance. How many people we know that reached to point of killing a human being just because her dad did not cuddled with her?

I’ve shared a general analysis of two women born in very similar moment, Shelley Long and Leslie Von Houten. Without a doubt, there are many thing about their lives that the media doesn’t  know about. For 3 days, I’ve tried to find and read everything about their lives, hundreds of pages… And I couldn’t even reach some of the information.  For example, I don’t know if they get through the same diseases, liked the same boy or gone to the same concert. Those identical twin  who was adopted separately wore the same kind of light blue shirt and wore a red wristband on the day they were met and they answered “maybe it would be needed” to the answer of “why?. Something that could not be explained with genetics or environment like that would be  a tremendous help… Unfortunately this is the reason I’ve shared this example instead of the other two. I’ve found more information about this cosmic twins than the others. Especially, at one group twins, the ASC rates, the birth hour is exactly  the same. And the only difference on the map is the house width because they were born on different continents. The changing dramatic difference is the 3rd house which symbolizes the mind. While one of the twins have a normal mind, the other is autistic and a genius. We couldn’t be able to see this change, if we weren’t using a house system based on time and place in western astrology.


Comparing Cosmic Twins in Vedic Astrology



As we can see on both of the maps, according to the map system of the Vedic Astrology, everything seems the same. Even so, father and husband representative Suns which are different on the tropical zodiac, are the same in Vedic. As you know, Indian astrologers have more than one Sidereal Zodiac (because of a presition disagreement), Fagan-Allen and Lahiri are the most used. I’ve tried the maps above in all of them, nothing was changed.

However, in Hindu Astrology, there are many harmonic maps which we are used to (I’ve gave a seminar on it last year) in Western Astrology. 30. harmonic in Western Astrology and Thrimsamsa in Hindu Astrology, these maps are used in two ways in Hindu Astrology. While some of the reliable sources claim that it represents the human evil effect for both sexes, some other sources searches for ethics in women maps.  Because that I don’t like one of the two traditions of the Vedic Astrology and for the fact that it failed for many times, I will evaluate the map according to the first sources. But, I’ve read it here so the knowledge wouldn’t become lost.



The only change in regard to signs in two maps is the Moon. This is highly important because the Moon has an essential importance in Hindu Astrology. While Shelley’s Moon was at the Capricorn, Leslie’s Moon was at the Aquarius. When we look at the Nakshatras, Shelley’s Moon at Uttra Ashadha has good qualities other than marriage. Leslie’s Moon is at Purva Bhadrapada. This nakshatra is explained as evil, cruelty and ruthlessness.

If in the future, I can find more about the lives of these women, I will update this article. My ASC ruler is in conjunction with Saturn and unfortunately the Saturn thinks that I can wait for another 10 years.


Love : )


Devrim Dölen


Devrim DÖLEN was born in 3 March 1977 in Istanbul. Before she began her professional career with many astrology and statistics groups which are active in USA and Turkey, she’ve spent 22 years on astrology researches. Since 1999, she shared some of these in peer-review journals and some of them on the internet. Within the Istanbul Aydin University, she’s the first astrology teacher in Turkey with a YÖK approved certificate.

Devrim Dölen

3 Mart 1977 İstanbul doğumludur. Amerika’da ve Türkiye’de faliyet gösteren çeşitli astroloji ve istatistik gruplarıyla birlikte, profesyonelliğe adım atmadan 24 yılını astroloji araştırmalarına verdi. 1999 yılından itibaren bunların bazılarını hakemli dergilerde (Bilim Tarihi), bazılarını da internet aracılığıyla paylaştı. İstanbul Aydın Üniversitesi bünyesinde Türkiye’de ilk defa YÖK onaylı astroloji eğitmenliği yapmıştır. 2001 yılında ücretsiz astroloji kursu veren Türkiye’deki ilk Türkçe topluluklardan Astroloji ve Astro-Gunluk gruplarının da moderatörlerindendi. 2011 yılında ise Zodyak Astroloji Yayınevini ve bugün bir çok astrolog yetiştirmiş olan Astroloji Akademisi’ni, 2015 yılında ise sitesini kurmuştur ve aynı yıl Astroloji Derneği'nin kurulmasına öncülük etmiştir. 2016 yılında ise Zodyak Astroloji Dergisi'ni çıkartmaya başlamıştır. Integritas tekniğinin yaratıcısıdır. Karate'de siyah kemer sahibidir. Astrolojik tablolar, tasarımlar ve diorama yapmayı, doğayı, ekoköyleri, dalmayı, aramayı, yanılmayı ve tekrar aramayı yaşam tarzı haline getirmiştir… Şimdiye kadar çıkmış olan yayınları: Astroloji Eğitimi 2 Astroloji Eğitimi 1 Arap Noktaları & Astrolojide Gösterge Denklemleri 2022 Gökyüzü Takvimi 2021 Gökyüzü Takvimi 2020 Gökyüzü Takvimi 2019 Gökyüzü Takvimi 2018 Gökyüzü Takvimi Zodyak Astroloji Dergisi Uranian Astroloji & Kozmobiyoloji Asteroid Sözlüğü (Program) Bitkiler: Astroloji & Mitoloji Temel Seviye 1: Gezegenler & Elementler Temel Seviye 2: Burçlar Temel Seviye 3: Evler Temel Seviye 4: Açılar 2015 Gökyüzü Takvimi

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