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Before reading this article, if you do not know the death in astrology scientifically, you should read this article : DEATH IN ASTROLOGY, Devrim Dölen

Another analysis about Death and Salvation symbolisms : TSUTOMU YAMAGUCHI – THE MAN WHO SURVIVED TWO ATOM BOMBS, Devrim Dölen


My encounter with this map happened when dear Sevdihan Yiğitsoy shared the story of a man in the Astrology Academy group and when she wanted an astrological evaluation. Yeşim Usuğ found the date of birth of this strange man. As I’ve wrote the story of a similarly stange man with astrological symbols which you can find in the link above,  it piqued my interest and I’ve examined it as I was sure to find similar symbolism, and I share it here.


The story of  Frane Selak :

Incident 1: In 1962, the train who Frane Selak was in was derailed and fell into a frozen lake. 17 people lost their lives in the incident, but Selak swam to the coast and survived. He had a broken arm and hipothermia.

Incident 2: In 1963, Selak was traveling to Rijeka from Zagreb. In an instant, the door of the plane opened and people were sucked out. Selak was among them. The plane crashed within moments and 19 people died. Selak fell into a hay stack, found there and then hospitalized. He survived this accident with a few scratchs.

Incident 3: In 1966, the bus he was riding went astray and fell into a river. 4 people died in the accident but Selak survived with minor injuries.

Incident 4 : In 1968, he accidently shot himself (he forgot the safety open) in the testicles.

Incident 5 : Selak, while traveling with his car in 1970, the vehicle suddenly burst into flames. Salek stopped the car and threw himself out, and then the vehicle exploded.

Incident 6 : In 1973, a faulty gas pump leaked gas into the motor of Salek’s car, the car caught on fire, Salek survived this incident too but he lost most of his hair during the fire.

Incident 7 : In 1995, Selak was hit by a bus in Zagreb, however he survived with minor injuries.

Incident 8 : In 1996, while Selak was travelling with his car, he saw a truck was coming onto him and moved his out of the road. The car went astray and fell down from the cliff, Selak jumped out of it and held onto a tree. When he looked down, he saw his car exploded.



Above, you see Frane Selak’s SR horoscope. The one that tells about serious dangers, accidents and surviving these is the classic ruler of the 8th house, Saturn. Death is ruled by the 4th house ruler Mercury.  These two celestial bodies are at the Gemini-Sagittarius axis which means travel, and they are opposite to each other. While Mercury rules death, Saturn who means survival opposes it, and clearly it is a sign we also saw with Tsutomu Yamaguchi. For more information about opposite angles, see: Opposite Angle. On the other hand, we should add that Mars, the ascension ruler of the 8th house is at the 3rd house.  Mutual regression of both Mercury and Saturn suggests that these events became serial in his life.

The details of the opposition of lord of the 8th, Saturn, and getting damaged as a result, could be seen with symbolisms in his life. For example, in the first incident his arm gets broken, the bone, in a word Saturn gets damaged. In the second incident he falls into a hay stack. Hay : Saturn (All dry food is symbolized with Saturn in classical astrology). In the fourth incident he get wounded at his testicles. It fits to Saturn’s own myths and also its rulership of the 8th. In the sixth incident, the most of his hair gets burned. Hair : Saturn. In the eight incident, he survives by hanging onto a tree. Tree: Saturn (For the related article, see: Acetylsalicylic Acid).

Something piqued my interest while I was examining the map. Mercury is the real offender. Because, it’s both the ruler of the 4th, and  it’s strong in the Gemini sign. We know  its symbolisms .7 out of 8 incidents was an attack of Mercury. One of them was of Saturn Sagittarius. The plane. Amongst all that copy-paste hell in the internet, I’ve managed to find out that there was no such plane crash (See: And also I’ve found no evidence that these were confirmed by independent people.

As it is known, Mercury is universally the representative of fraud and it’s opposite to the representative of truth, Saturn. So, some events in this story may be exaggerrated or completely false. However, this opposition does not mean that all these are lies/invented, because the destruction of a celestial body is not within the nature of oppositions, but it includes the completion of them. So, according to the Gemini/Sagittarius axis, some of the events may be a little overdoed. This is also confirmed by the Leo Mars and Neptune at the 3rd house.

By the way, I wrote an article before as you know, see : THE WAYS THE MERCURY LIES, Devrim Dölen

Selak’s Mercury is at the Gemini sign and there is also the Gemini Sun and Taurus Jupiter there. I think the plane incident is a lie and the facts point to that way. I tried understand how this man talks, unfortunately there is no video he talk for a long time. They are very short trivial videos and always someone is talking in the background. If you find a video where he talks slowly and clearly, where he doesn’t use many gestures, it means that he’s lying.

I won’t be saying again see you later in an another roach data, it’s enough, see you later in another subjects – hopefully useful ones- .


Devrim Dölen

Devrim Dölen

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