The Future Forged by Prometheus: Wavering Throne of Zeus



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Prometheus is one of the sons of Iapsotes the Titan which existed before the Gods of Olympus. Zeus, after he won the war against the titans, shares the universe with his brothers and brings Prometheus to Olympus because of his cunning. But Prometheus is angry with Zeus because of his despotism. He wants to avenge his ancestors and he creates the first human with Athena and Zagreus by using the mud where the titans died. Because Zagreus is Zeus’ own son from Persephone and Zeus said about him “Let all my rule, my riches, my abilities an my knowledge be his”. The humanity, in this way, could replace the hegemony of Zeus. Interestingly, there exists a similar prophecy for Athena who helped the creation of the first human. Athena will end the rule of Zeus.

(Zeus, after copulating with his first wife, Metis, the Goddess of Wisdom, Uranus and Gaia prophesied that this child will topple him. Because of this, Athena, along with her mother, Metis was devoured by Zeus and she was borne out of his head. Zeus does not deny the wishes and the desires of Athena, and shows a friendly appearance. We see another cooperation of Prometheus and Athena in the mythology: Athena’s birth. While Zeus was having extreme headaches after he consumed Metis, it was Prometheus which told Zeus the real cause of his pain and what was needed to be done. After Athena was born out of the head of Zeus, Prometheus learned from the Goddess of Intelligence, what was needed for “a civilized life” and the importance of reason and uprising which was symbolized with fire.)

“The mythology about Zagreus: Zeus was in love with his sister Demeter, and copulated with her. Kore was born from this union. When Kore became an adult, this time Zeus fell in love with his daughter. He saw her sitting alone in a forest , turned into a snake and copulated with Kore. Kore got pregnant for Zagreus. Zeus started to protect his own son Zagreus. But Hera did not wanted this fruit of a forbidden love to live. Zeus, who knew that Hera could do harm, hid his son. He entrusts him to the Kouretes in their caves, which gave protection to him in the past. Hera orders the Titans to find and kill Zagreus. Titans search for Zagreus everywhere and finally they find out about the cave. However, they could not get him out of the cave. Then, the Titans place a mirror in the cave entrance. His interest about the mirror brings Zagreus out of the cave. And at that moment, they catch him , tear him to pieces and eat his flesh. They left only the bones. Zeus, discovering the crime, hurles a thunderbolt at the Titans, turning them to ashes along with the bones of Zagreus. Time passes and rains fall. Another Titan, Prometheus gives shape to this mud and creates the human body. Athena, who was passing by breathes life into this clay. Thus, the humans are created. Along with the purity and the goodness of Zagreus, evil and cruelty of Titans. In every version of the creation, the material is different. But it is certain that Athena was in it. “

It is thought that Prometheus pitied the weakness of humanity. But, he threw another to the fire for the destruction of Zeus. He steals the fire from Olympus and gives it to the humans.

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Zeus chains Prometheus to the Caucasian Mountains because he also sees the future. Prometheus, with this ability, has the power to topple Zeus and he created all the possible reasons to topple him out of his throne. That is why, Zeus fears him. Creating the mankind which may topple him, getting help from Athena which was destined to topple him and thinking that he did all this because he can see the future… Zeus knew that he couldn’t topple Chronos without Prometheus’ farseeing ability. The Caucasian eagle, which was an automaton created by Hephaestus, gnaws at the innards of Prometheus which regenerates every day. Hercules saves him and at last Zeus forgives him. (For a different comment, follow the article.)

In the later philosophy, Prometheus became a symbol for freedom, knowledge and uprising against exalted forces and political crimes. Prometheus, In the War of Titans (Zeus – Chronos War), saw that the Titans will lose and switched sides, but it seems that he was still on the side of the Titans discreetly.

In philosophy, the importance of logical approach against myths and the importance of humanity which rose with the hegemony of natural philosophy solidifies with the Prometheus character. In Greek, the meaning of learning in root of “math” and the inclusion of this root in the word mathematics which was created by the view that the existence may be based on numbers, is very relevant as a statement of the turn from myths to reason (or knowledge). The increasing importance of this logic which is hidden in every attempt to explain the existence, symbolized linguistically by joining to Prometheus. Zeus, both in the mythology and naturally in the astrology, represents an illogical exaltation. Prometheus, as the anarchist of logos, is completely against him.

İLGİLİ YAZI:  Prometheus'un Şekillendirdiği Gelecek: Zeus'un Sallanan Tahtı

Even today, in the astrological literature, we see that Zeus (Jupiter) is exalted illogically despite the destruction he caused, and when a bad event occurs, we see that despite his undeniable presence in the maps, other sources are sought for. Belief and exaltation.

The torch races which was common among the Greeks, spread from Athens (Athena is the protector goddess of this city) which Prometheus was considered a religious cult. In here, with the torch races, people express their respect for the logos, by organizing fidelity ceremonies to Prometheus, against the myths and the idea of the exalted rule of the illogical (Zeus). The torches held by the runners is the flame Prometheus gave to the humans. This is the reason that a torch is a symbol for knowledge in our day.

“I don’t care about Zeus at all.
While he rule, let him do as he wish, let him slaughter,
His rule on the skies won’t last long!”
Prometheus (Aeschylus BC 525-456)


As we can see, Prometheus has an archetype which directs the future by making small adjustments by seeing the future. It would be insufficient to attribute to him just the knowledge and uprising through logic.

Some stories say that Prometheus traded his mortality with the centaur Chiron and by getting rid of his immortality, Chiron was able to die and escape from his pain. However, Prometheus did not have a mortality to trade. He was a titan. He existed much before the gods of Olympus and he was already an immortal.

İLGİLİ YAZI:  Prometheus'un Şekillendirdiği Gelecek: Zeus'un Sallanan Tahtı

In many myths, Prometheus was rescued from Zeus by Hercules. In other words, “Strength”. The strengthening (Hercules) of logic and uprising… The account of how differs.

Another less known myth which seems more reasonable to me goes like this and explains clearly the salvation of knowledge by gaining strength which was told symbolically above:


“You will see, one day,
Zeus, with all his firmness will soften,
Because the bed he tries to enter,
will topple him of his power and throne.”
Prometheus (Aeschylus BC 525-456)

Zeus, who knew that Prometheus was able to see the future, releases Prometheus to see “which bed”.

That bed is Thetis’. But Athena and humanity still have logic…


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