Formula 1 Champions and Legendary Drivers


While I was thinking in which signs the Mars of the athletes could be, I found myself researching the maps of Formula pilots. I began to study the Mars, the Sun, and the influential houses in their horoscopes of F1 drivers and legendary champions. My sample consists of 36 athletes, all F1 champions and legendary drivers.

It is astrologically predictable that F1 drivers whose goal is to get to the finish first, have Mars and their Sun mostly in cardinal signs.


The percentage of F1 champions’ Suns in the Cardinal Signs (Aries, Cancer, Libra, and Capricorn): % 44.4


The ratio of Mars being in the pioneer group is % 41.6


These ratios should have been around 33.3% probabilistically.


It is quite normal to see the Sun-Mars aspect, which symbolizes someone who loves competition and danger and aims to achieve the difficult, to be seen in this type of sport.  The number of charts in which the Sun and Mars are conjunct and compatible angle (sextile and triangle) is 16. That is, 44.4% of the charts have this connection. This ratio should have been 13.8% probabilistically. There is an odds of 3.2 times the probability here. So while we should see it on one of the 7 random maps, we see it on one of the 2 maps in F1 pilots. Accordingly, we can easily construct the following sentence astrologically: Someone with Sun-Mars conjunction and harmonious aspect is 3 times more prone to dangerous sports than normal people.


In these charts, Mars should have been in a probable exile sign with an average rate of 16.6%. However, with a rate of 36.11%, there is a rate of 2 times the probability. The fact that Mars is in exile, twice as much as normal people, is also an expected situation in this risky sport type.




Mars is 16.67% in Cancer and 11.11% in Libra. The normal rate should have been 8.33%, especially in Cancer, we see that the probability is doubled. 


Formula 1 racing is considered one of the most dangerous sports. To date, 27 pilots have lost their lives in races, training or qualifying races. Safety measures are taken at every moment of the race, from the track to the clothes of the pilots. I attribute the highest ratio of Mars in Cancer to these reasons. There is a serious struggle for the safety of the athletes.


I associate the position of Mars in Libra having the second highest ratio with it being a competitive sport.


All the particles that make up matter vibrate in all states of matter. Particles in liquids slide over each other. In addition, they make a translational motion. Gases, like liquids, vibrate and move in translation. Due to this behavior of the particles elementally, Mars has a dominance in the water and air group in Formula races. Racers move on the track as if they were sliding.


Esen Kaynarca

4 Haziran 2012

Astrology Academy Graduate


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