Astrologia; Translation of Cosmogony into the Human Mind

First of all, let me briefly state that; for some time, until recently, I described myself as agnostic. As I have been indirectly involved with Spinoza lately, I have come to realize that Pantheism has an infinitely wide perspective. I should also add; Chaos is the most plausible theory to explain functioning. I don’t think it’s necessary to be an atheist to say this. I am not sure that those who define themselves as atheists today know exactly what being an atheist actually is. According to many, atheism cannot go beyond explaining everything with Newton’s principles and not believing in things without physical evidence. A very strict objective point of view has been adopted. However, I don’t think many people are aware of the fact that M-Theory, which was put forward to harmonize this concept with Einstein’s Theory of Relativity, starting with Quantum Mechanics, and which can only be constructed mathematically but lacks successful experiments and observations, can explain the content of the operation to us.

Since we said Quantum Mechanics, it is useful to continue the article with an interesting review. With regard to Quantum Mechanics, let’s take a look at the “Wave Function” equation that won Erwin Schrödinger the 1933 Nobel Prize in Physics;



Those who follow astrology will immediately deduce which astrological symbols the “Planck Constant” (ħ) and the “Wave Function” (Ψ) remind.


For those who don’t know astrology, let’s explain this briefly by saying that the symbol of the “Plank Constant” is similar to Saturn (♄), and the symbol of the “Wave Function” is similar to Neptune (♆);


“Plank Constant” (ħ): The smallest limit of tangible and particle quantum energy (eg: photon, quark) in a Quantum event.


Saturn in Astrology (♄): Borders, limits, contractions, restrictions.


“Wave Function” (Ψ): Abstract and non-particle amplitude dispersion probability in a Quantum event.


Neptune (♆) in Astrology: Shapeless, diffuse, abstract, invisible. In astrology, it also represents waters and waves. 


As you can see, the mathematical symbols in the equation and the astrological symbols we are talking about are similar in appearance, but also have semantically similar contents. Considering that astrological symbols existed long before such mathematical symbols, I think it would be beneficial to reconstruct our perception considering that this discipline is effective in explaining concepts, events, meaningful coincidences (synchronicity) with universal symbolism. The main point to be emphasized here is that astrology is an information pool that helps to determine the archetypal identity of a person, concept or event and to make predictions within the framework of possible tendencies based on this identity, rather than being a discipline based on prophecies such as “it will end like this, it will be like this”.


An advance in M-Theory whose name is shortened by taking the initials of the words “Membrane” and “Mother”, which is claimed to explain the creation of the universe, in short, everything, which can open a door to truth by combining Quantum Mechanics and Einstein’s Theory of Relativity, may cause a paradigm shift in physics and redefine reality or facts.



Kuantum Mekaniği ve Einstein’ın Görecelik Kuramı’nın birleştirilerek hakikate dair bir kapı açılmasını sağlayabilecek, kah “Membrane” kah “Mother” sözcüklerinin baş harfinin alınmasıyla ismi kısaltılmış, evrenin yaradılışını, kısaca her şeyi açıklayabileceği iddia edilen M-Teori’sinde olacak bir ilerleme fizikte paradigmaların değişmesine ve gerçeği ya da gerçekleri yeniden tanımlamamıza neden olabilir. On the other hand, although the theory has been placed on a mathematical plane, as I mentioned before, it is still at a stage that physicists do not like due to its lack of successful experiments and observations. (Click for detailed information of M-Theory explained in a simpler way)




Strict materialists will rightly ask where to connect all this. Let’s make the connection by asking a logical question that even the toughest septic will justify and question again; If, according to M-Theory, the essential components of reality are strings vibrating at resonant frequencies, and in this context, the slightest movement in the universe has an effect throughout the universe, can we say with certainty that it is not possible for us earthlings, who live, produce, consume, conduct scientific research and investigate the nature of the universe in the space-time that takes its life source from the Sun and is bent by its mass, to be affected by the motions of the planets and even asteroids in this system?



I ask this question in reference to those who say that the effect of a working television on a person is greater than the effect of a planet, so it is absurd for us to take these movements into account, and that it does not have any physical or psychic effect on us, in a manner as if the end has been reached. We often forget that we live together with the universe, that our brain is connected to the universe for energy just like a computer is connected to a plug, and the first part of this connection is the Solar System. However, in this century when we say “we have come a long way”, scientists still have not been able to fully decipher the structure and functioning of the brain called the “little cosmos”.



And yet, ignoring the Sumerians and Babylonians, whose inner (subjective) worlds are much richer because of the fact that an object-oriented (objective) world did not yet exist at that time, also ignoring this ancient discipline, which was included in the books of the important psychology experts of the twentieth century, such as Jung and Gauquelin, without examining it, put aside ignoring, making fun of and not taking advantage of what this discipline has to offer is a behavior that a person who has put himself at the center of the universe can exhibit. Of course, it is worth mentioning that the fact that those who practice astrology today do not make predictions and interpretations in accordance with the paradigms of our age, and that people who have never actually assimilated it due to its material aspect, use this discipline and therefore mislead people, which negatively affects the view of astrology.


Without further ado, I’ll wrap up the introductory article by leaving a link to a science news site:


The article features a discovery announced at Vanderbilt University in 2010. The discovery is: “The season in which you were born has a long-term effect on your personality”. In the article, it is mentioned that newborn babies are affected by the biological clock of the season in which they are born, and accordingly, some psychological discomfort tendencies may change.

What I want you to dwell on and think about is this quote from Professor Douglas McMahon, who led the research:



“It’s important to emphasize that, even though this sounds a bit like astrology, it is not: it’s seasonal biology!”.




I leave it to you by stating that the birth of astrology is based on the study of efficiency and inefficiency according to the seasons.


To have the last word, what astrology offers should be looked at from the “archetypal” framework. I think it would be much more beneficial to use astrology in the most effective way possible in this century, when the perception of reality began to change, instead of pushing back astrology just because it did not give the same results in experiments.


In the upcoming articles, I will share the works of other researchers on astrology, especially Carl Gustave Jung, Richard Tarnas, Michele Gauquelin.



Barış Özbayraktar

Astrology Academy Graduate

26 March 2015, Istanbul


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