Capricorn: Science, Genius and Technology



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Modern astrology is so popular that we can see some contradictions in terms , if classical basics are also missing. One of these is Saturn’s feature on science and technology. According to the classical astrology, Saturn is science and technology. Also, not just with its Aquarius aspect but also its Capricorn aspect. In fact, I’ve seen many astrology students who didn’t get surprised when I’ve said “Capricorn”. In the circumstances, we need to put forth this argument of old with charts… So the information can be persistent, wouldn’t get lost in the dusty halls of time and wouldn’t get replaced by false information…

I’m also tired of repeating the same things like a parrot, and if you say something different from the good or pop culture, it seems like you are favoring a sign or a planet. Bu the case is different. The reason that derives my wish to direct everyone to experiential and questioning astrology is my concern for objectivity and my desire to pull away from subjectivity as much as possible. I may very well chose to boast about my Uranus and Aquarius Mars which makes a triangle with my Sun, but it wouldn’t be realistic at all…

Naturally, my lazy Pisces Mercury will write this article and get cozy, will give only a link to those who connect technology and Uranus and will gain (Saturn) time.

There are many misconceptions about Saturn or Capricorn in our days. Many people are unaware that heavenly bodies and signs are “head titles” and astrology have very old, ancient foundations. This is especially true in the case of Saturn-Capricorn. For example, they know that Saturn is limitation but they don’t know that it is also the removal of limitations. However, astrology has head titles. If Libra is balance, it is also unbalance at the same time. If Pisces is secrecy it is also the removal of secrecy and we astrologers use these head titles when we make predictions. Every one of them is an “unexceptional” head title. Furthermore, the Capricorn sign does not have a single ruler. It also includes Mars as a culmination ruler. In nobility grading, rulers have +5 and culminations have +4. Because of this, in almuten calculations, owner of a house may be its culmination instead of the ruler of the sign!

It is essential for those who wish to learn astrology to understand this “main basis”. And of course experience… I don’t even think I need to explain the importance of experience. So, let’s continue to examples.


Higgs Boson
When CERN declared that they might have discovered a particle that might be the Higgs Boson on 4 July 2012, according to the research data, I said that it is really the Higgs Boson. And at that moment, Moon, the dispositor of the chart lord, was at the Capricorn sign at its chart. In 14 March 2013, 8 months after my prediction, the particle that was discovered was declared as the Higgs Boson. If I’ve considered Uranus as science and technology, t-square it has with Sun and Pluto may have led me to a mistake. Because, in my days of inexperience, I’ve made mistakes like this.


Saturn V
It is a disposable rocket made by USA that has the capacity to carry humans, and it is used in the Apollo and Skylab programs of NASA , between 1967 and 1973. This multi-phased, liquid-fueled launch vehicle was launched 13 times by NASA from Kennedy Science Station-Florida, without any loss of crew or cargo. It is the longest, heaviest and the most powerful rocket that is still usable and still holds the record for the heaviest launch vehicle capacity. Until now, Saturn V is the only launch vehicle that carried humans across the earth orbit. When Saturn V was first launched, Scorpio sign was on the rise and the ruler of the Scorpio sign, Mars was on mutual reception with Saturn. Well, it is unnecessary to even look at the chart of technology named Saturn. If we remember again, Mars and Saturn: two rulers of the Capricorn sign.

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Those who associate genius with Aquarius and Uranus, I think they’ve just checked a few charts. Because, when I look at the charts of geniuses (and great scientists), I see Saturns in corner houses more frequently than Uranus. And Uranus can be found every time in another place, mostly places that I can’t associate at all. It shows recognition, fame, craziness etc., that is ok. Saturns of Isaac Asimov, Tycho Brahe, Nicolas Copernicus, Marie Curie, Edison, Albert Einstein, Michelangelo, Carl Sagan, Leonardo Da Vinci, Paracelsus, Sherlock Holmes, Mimar Sinan are all at the corner… 

(I should say beforehand that not every Saturn in a corner house makes someone a genius. You should consider these parameters just like you see on the media. Smoking may cause cancer but not for everyone. Saturn in the corner house can make some people geniuses, some people title obsessed and some people able to have heavy responsibilities. So in conclusion, Saturn should be interpreted. There are some other indications for genius and in the charts that I’ve checked, unfortunately Uranus does not tell me much on this subject. I would’ve like to boast about my Uranus which is an exact triangle with my Sun. )

Charts of the Astronauts
When we’re talking about science, another subject related to Uranus is of course, space. I’ve examined the data of 78 astronauts that I’ve had from the Astrodatabank of In those articles I’ve been writing all these years, I’ve related space with the Pisces sign. Because the Pisces sign involves nothingness, the unknown, the unreachable and emptiness. I was not wrong. 16 of the 78 astronauts is Pisces. In the probability calculation, this should have been 6-7 people. Pisces sign exceeds the probabilities 2.5 times in regard to reaching the space. 6 of them are with the Aquarius sign and only 1 is a Sagittarius.

Now let’s talk about the Saturn part of it. Because first of all, being an astronaut requires to have the comprehension about science and especially technology more than any one on earth. Also, the Sun (famousness, reputation; these people are regarded as heroes in their countries and they are nationally famous) of the astronauts must provide certain angles about space and technology. Just like we see the Sun-Mars angles 3.2 times more than the normal probability in F1 champions, in the charts of the astronauts, we should see a celestial body which represents the space and technology that is related to their Sun. And as a classic astrologer, I see it. At 48 of the 78 astronauts, Sun-Saturn angle is present. In the astronaut charts, neither Aquarius nor Uranus parameters are present. But of course, we expect a Uranus at some points. Because, even though we classic astrologers do not relate the technology and science with Uranus, we relate the collective celestial bodies with attributes such as the diminution of the world, famousness, collective participation. And this is why, the Sun-Uranus triangle at the chart of the astronaut which step on the Moon that we can observe daily from the earth, is reasonable. But not great concepts like relating science and technology to it…


Judaism is ruled by Saturn. Science and technology is in the hands of the Jews for a long time. Is it necessary to talk about the Silicon Valley or the big technology companies? Jews, made great contributions to humanity in many fields that include many science disciplines, art, politics and the business world. The number of Jews with the Nobel Prize, is out of proportion with the margin of the Jewish population in the world. Einstein, Isaac Asimov, Carl Sagan and the astrologer who discovered Uranus, (yes he also has a book for the astrologers) William Herschel and many countless more geniuses… Being despised all the time, being the victim of conspiracy theories, being the victim of genocide, being disgraced…It is very convenient with what is being trying to do to Saturn… In our day, we approach Saturn as fascistic as we do to Jews, by not using the positive indications, by ignoring them.

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German market chain Saturn…is selling electronics and technology for years. After all, in the 6th house of the Germans, there is Capricorn stellium. Is there any need to discuss their technologies?

General Motors has brought up a new point of view in technology for the first time with its Saturn brand. (In the US market, it is a company who has achieved to sell hundreds of thousands of cars per year with the application of 4 chassis on a single model and 3 motors, for 24 years. When they were building their factory, they removed millions of tons of dirt from the ground and established their factory underground to not disturb the natural view. None of their subsidiaries sell to other regions, they don’t make exports to any country other than Canada and Hong Kong to make no compromises on customer satisfaction, and they almost do not have any commercials. Its Sun is at the Capricorn sign and it makes a sextile with Saturn. )


Should we get more crazy?

Science Fiction Works
According to many lists, best science fiction works in the world are Battlestar Galactica, Dr. Who and Star Wars. The god of Science Fiction is Isaac Asimov, who is of Jewish origin.

Isaac Asimov is a Capricorn Sun and this Sun is exact triangle angled with Saturn (Culmination of the Capricorn sign squared with Mars)
The Sun of Battlestar Galactica (the new series) is squared with Saturn (also exact) (In the old series , Saturn is under the Sun rays). Culmination of the Capricorn sign is at conjunction also with Mars. Also this work includes astrology. 12 Robot and cylon (robots in human disguise) colonies are aligned astrologically and the spaceship the human race escaped to belongs to the capital city of the Galactica colonies, Caprica (or Capricorn). Also there was a follow up series to this and it was named Caprica, which means Capricorn…

In Star Wars, the Sun is in conjunction with Jupiter and Leo is sextiled with Saturn.

When Dr. Who was first featured, Aquarius Saturn is on the top. Those who watch Dr. Who should know, Dr. Who is more crazy than the other science fiction works. Even though I’m a science fiction fan, I could’ve only watched with the strong insistence of Devrim Yılmazer.  Things that are not desired in science fiction, completely off the top subjects are included in this series. Like time travel via a telephone booth. But they also have more realistic fictions. By the way, the “Doctor” is a time lord (Saturn).

There have been 12 actors who’ve played Dr. Who. I’ve examined all their charts with Devrim Yılmazer, and we saw the rulers of the Capricorn sign, Mars and Saturn. (Both of our Moons are squared with Leo and Neptun and Uranus triangled Pisces Suns are at conjunction, so our entertainment methods are highly different, shadowed with Virgo and yes, excessive. ) Note: When I saw Aquarius and Capricorn, I’ve wrote down those, If you don’t see it, it means they don’t exist in related places.

1st Actor : William Hartnell : Mars & Saturn conjunction at Pisces sign (Sun is at the Capricorn sign and sextiled to the related conjunction)
Peter Capaldi: Saturn & Mars sextile (Sun is in triangle with Saturn, sextiled with Mars)
Matt Smith: Mars & Saturn sextile (Sun is in conjunction with Saturn)
David Tennant: Mars & Saturn triangle ( Sun is squared with Mars in the Capricorn sign)
Christopher Eccleston: Sun & Saturn & Mars conjunction at Aquarius sign
Paul McGann: Sun & Mars conjunction at Scorpio sign (high orb sextile with Saturn)
Sylvester McCoy: Sun is sextiled with Saturn, and squared with Mars
Colin Baker: Sun & Saturn conjunction, sextile with Mars
Peter Davison: Sun is in conjunction with Mars, unrelated to Saturn
Tom Baker: Sun & Mars & Saturn Aquarius stellium
Jon Pertwee: Mars & Saturn sextile (Sun is in conjunction with Mars, with a high orb)
Patrick Troughton: Mars & Saturn sextile (Sun has no relation to the double other than being at Aries)

By the way, Matrix was also a very successful science fiction movie. It would be unfair if we don’t mention its contrast to Mars & Saturn and its Aries Sun.

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Capricorn. Magic of old, science of today…
My astrology adventure continues while I weed out my old mistakes and those nonsense I’ve read and while I try to find new and practical techniques. For that reason, in my articles, I try to focus on common mistakes instead of well known, classic and constantly repeated patterns and give out details new techniques and different point of views, to be able to become helpful. Everybody writes about known, classic patterns. As astrology develops while growing, it will be more susceptible to mistakes. Thankfully, we have a curious mind, and eyes that can experience what is told by looking at a chart.

I sizably mentioned coincidental symbolisms in my previous articles. Unfortunately, astrology is full of these. For example, Aquarius Jupiter of Einstein in the 9th house shows science or his excessive number of articles, or the articles of her physicist wife? Einstein wrote 300 “articles” and only 4 of these have changed the world. And the number of scientists who claims that her wife had a contribution in them, is not a few. It is possible to see this astrologically. Einstein’s physicist wife is represented in her chart with Mars & Saturn mutual. For this reason, what we have to do is to try to reach the same solutions with the same technique while we evaluate every chart individually. Otherwise, we could never detect our own mistakes. We would look the charts, we would make indistinct-psychological speeches and hopefully expect intuition. In the driver seat of the astrology, there should be knowledge, not intuition. If the knowledge is in the driver seat, then the intuition can work safely and in comfort. When the intuition is in the driver seat, a position that it is not comfortable at all, it will be susceptible to mistakes. You can click here, for a previous article I wrote on knowledge and intuition.

In my CV, this is written: Trying, failing, trying again and failing again and trying again has become a life goal. As long as you have the will to try again, failing is nothing more than beginning the most entertaining of adventures. I think everyone who’ve reached this point in the article would agree that astrology is the most entertaining subject in the world.

We need curious and inquisitive astrology lovers here, on the border of science, not on tv’s or newspapers. My 9th house Aquarius Mars wishes to have a army of them… (In any case, unyielding warriors of the Venus army are the majority in the astrology world, they don’t have a Mars & Saturn conjunction like Number Six, we need equality. )




Devrim Dölen

3 Mart 1977 İstanbul doğumludur. Amerika’da ve Türkiye’de faliyet gösteren çeşitli astroloji ve istatistik gruplarıyla birlikte, profesyonelliğe adım atmadan 24 yılını astroloji araştırmalarına verdi. 1999 yılından itibaren bunların bazılarını hakemli dergilerde (Bilim Tarihi), bazılarını da internet aracılığıyla paylaştı. İstanbul Aydın Üniversitesi bünyesinde Türkiye’de ilk defa YÖK onaylı astroloji eğitmenliği yapmıştır. 2001 yılında ücretsiz astroloji kursu veren Türkiye’deki ilk Türkçe topluluklardan Astroloji ve Astro-Gunluk gruplarının da moderatörlerindendi. 2011 yılında ise Zodyak Astroloji Yayınevini ve bugün bir çok astrolog yetiştirmiş olan Astroloji Akademisi’ni, 2015 yılında ise sitesini kurmuştur ve aynı yıl Astroloji Derneği'nin kurulmasına öncülük etmiştir. 2016 yılında ise Zodyak Astroloji Dergisi'ni çıkartmaya başlamıştır. Integritas tekniğinin yaratıcısıdır. Karate'de siyah kemer sahibidir. Astrolojik tablolar, tasarımlar ve diorama yapmayı, doğayı, ekoköyleri, dalmayı, aramayı, yanılmayı ve tekrar aramayı yaşam tarzı haline getirmiştir… Şimdiye kadar çıkmış olan yayınları: Astroloji Eğitimi 2 Astroloji Eğitimi 1 Arap Noktaları & Astrolojide Gösterge Denklemleri 2022 Gökyüzü Takvimi 2021 Gökyüzü Takvimi 2020 Gökyüzü Takvimi 2019 Gökyüzü Takvimi 2018 Gökyüzü Takvimi Zodyak Astroloji Dergisi Uranian Astroloji & Kozmobiyoloji Asteroid Sözlüğü (Program) Bitkiler: Astroloji & Mitoloji Temel Seviye 1: Gezegenler & Elementler Temel Seviye 2: Burçlar Temel Seviye 3: Evler Temel Seviye 4: Açılar 2015 Gökyüzü Takvimi

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